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Why Sempergy Enterprises ?

Every successful company revolves around people, because they are what business is all about. At Sempergy we specialize in people and helping them with their ideas. Our dedicated investment teams work diligently towards identifying potential and helping entrepreneurs grow their ideas into projects, their projects into realities.

We proudly set ourselves apart by investing in great opportunities only when they are about clean energy, technology and logistics, thus we know superior long-term returns come from helping out great startups that have clear competitive advantages and are run by great entrepreneurs, believing these are the sectors to drive the future.

We put our capital into anyone and anything we believe will strive to achieve and foster benefits for the world.

Investment Philosophy

We are a company who is dedicated to its investors and strives to provide them with tailored investing plans by being socially responsible. Developing a socially responsible portfolio considers the environmental and social consequences of investments, both positive and negative, within the context of rigorous financial analysis.

Tailoring these portfolios is often based on taking into account personal causes, environmental concerns, and social values, as well as addressing beliefs about issues like corporate governance, community development, and shareholder advocacy, as long as they may coexist with positive returns.

The goals of our typical investor are the same as of any other: appreciation, capital gains, and preservation of capital, but achieved through Sempergy identifying businesses that represent sustainable, responsible, and financially-sound investments that will meet the those goals.

What do we invest in.


Identifying opportunity and screening undervalued assets.


Putting capital into potential rather than solely performance.


Helping individuals grow their ideas and dreams into realities.

We can help you grow ideas into realities.

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