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Delivering the future. 

Our group specializes in a number of different but related investment strategies and work together to ensure our investment teams have a solid understanding of the risks and rewards of every private equity opportunity. 

Each investment team is supported by experienced risk management, accounting, compliance and client service groups. This collaboration at every step is central to our success, and the success of the companies we manage.

About Sempergy enterprises

Founded in Buenos Aires in 2017, we are a company focused in people who strive to achieve in the fields of Clean Energy, Technology and Logistics. We are all about taking advantage of identifiable opportunities, providing solid returns each year, for our partners and investors. Below, our core divisions:

Private Equity

Most often minority investments, in companies that are looking for capital to expand, restructure operations or enter new markets.

Asset Management

Planning and looking after the investments, recommendations are provided based on the financial health of each client.

Startup Incubation

Helping startups solve space, funding, legal, accounting, computer services and other prerequisites to running the business.

asset management

Providing an alternative.

While prudent asset management is vital and financial planning plays an important role, these activities have to be integrated to align financial resources with life’s goals.

Our process begins with an assessment of the client’s financial goals by a dedicated financial advisor in order to develop an appropriate risk profile. The profile is used to create an individualized asset allocation and to select an appropriate investment strategy.

startup incubation

Supporting great potential.

Our investment staff works together as a single, global unit to evaluate and support potential investments. Every portfolio company — before, during and after we invest — works with a dedicated team of experts to help it grow.

We focus on finding synergies between emerging and established companies. We fine tune each innovation program to enable corporate/startup collaboration, allowing our partners to find new lines of revenue, provide solutions for their customers, gain innovation insights, and leapfrog competition by innovating faster.

our hedge fund

Asset management

ETL Capital

An opportunity based on Clean Energy, Technology & Logistics.

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